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Ashraf Ahmed, The Diamond Trader Who Took Our Money and We Are His Victims

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About Ashraf Ahmed

Ashraf Ahmad claims to be lots of things. We are his victims and have decided to share our pain and experience online for two reasons:

  • To get our money back
  • To warn other people not to buy in to the charm of this man who has taken our hard earned money

Over two and a half years ago, we were contacted by Ashraf Ahmad who we had bought my wife's engagement ring from. He sent us a photo and certificate of a diamond ring. He ensured us that the deal was incredible and he vouched that the ring was worth around forty thousand pounds. Also the seller was very keen to sell and we could buy the ring at twenty thousand pounds and be able to sell it and make huge profits. We insisted that we wanted a ring to keep and not profit from. During the next 48 hours Ashraf made numerous calls chasing us for the payment so “we didn’t lose the deal”. We finally accepted and transferred Almost Twenty Thousand Pounds in to his bank account.

Once the money had been transferred the communication from his side slowed down. We were told that the ring was coming from Hong Kong and there were delays due to political unrest. We waited weeks. Eventually we were sent a photograph of the ring around a ring finger which had been brought across to Dubai! The diamond ring was delivered with no box, no certificate, nothing, by a Pakistani man who could barely speak English. We immediately contacted Ashraf for certificates of the Diamond but we never received them. During many telephone conversations Ashraf assured us that the ring was of highest quality and was exactly to the highest standards he had promised. From immediate inspection and cleary visible with the naked eye, the diamond on the ring was cloudy, damaged and cracked. We explained to Ashraf and send him a copy of the report from the reputable jeweller stating the diamond was in fact worthless. He finally accepted to take the ring back and refund us.

We sent the ring back and he confirmed its receipt. He then got us involved in his fictional stories which got more and more confusing and complicated. The ring was stuck in various countries then he sold it to a man in Pakistan who bought it for his daughters wedding. Then he never paid him!. When we chased he blamed politics, Covid and then stopped taking our calls. He even has the audacity to threaten to sue us!!! We asked him to do so and he disappeared. We found his wife Sara Ashraf on Facebook and explained the situation her, pleading for her to step in and speak to her husband to resolve this. She blocked both our Facebook accounts. We warned him that we will go online and he said he will take us to court. Ashraf has now stopped communicating for almost a year. We have lost hope and are sure that there must be other victims of this mans treachery and lies.

We will now promote this page across all platforms highlighting our troubles in dealing with this so called diamond expert. He claims he has a company in Dubai. He doesn’t. He claims he has a successful diamond business in the UK. We could not find any. We asked him to provide details of his company in Pakistan, even the mans’ details which he claimed he sold the ring to but he didn’t.

We can only suspect that he sold the ring twice. The Diamond ring was sold to us and possibly the next person fraudulently. He has doubled the profits from innocent hard working people like us. This is not an anonymous website by a random person. I am a prominent business man who trusted this man. Please please be very careful in dealing with this heartless cold person. I can not call him anything else as he has crossed every value of any descent individual.

If you are also a victim of this mans fraud, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will not stop until we get our money back and compensation for the years of stress resulting from this fraudulent act. No one deserves to show off their life style whilst benefiting fraudulently from other peoples losses. We are hoping this factual website prompts him to rightfully pay our money back before further damages made to his reputation.

You can WhatsApp message me on : +44 7379 544443

His social media handles to watch out for:

  • Dubai Wholesale Diamonds
  • Diamond infinity DMCC
  • Dubai Diamonds


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Ashraf Ahmed With Friends

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Who is Ashraf Ahmed?

So Called Diamond Trader

How do we know him?

He took £20,000 from us for a diamond ring & supplied a different ring, then took the ring and our money.

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You can WhatsApp us on : +44 7379 544443

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If you are also a victim like us, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will not stop until we get our money back.